What does bantam mean?

bantam meaning in General Dictionary

a number of tiny barnyard fowl with feathered legs probably brought from Bantam a district of Java

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  • some of various tiny breeds of fowl
  • very small
  • many different little barnyard fowl, with feathered legs, probably introduced from Bantam, an area of Java.

bantam meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1749, after Bantam, former Dutch residency in Java, where the little domestic fowl were said to are very first brought in. Expansion to "tiny person" is 1837. As a light weight course in boxing, it really is attested from 1884, probably through the wild birds, that are little but intense and bred for fighting.

bantam meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A number of small barnyard fowl, with feathered legs, probably brought from Bantam, a district of Java.

Sentence Examples with the word bantam

In 1683 the Dutch reduced the sultan to vassalage, built the fort of Speelwijk and monopolized the port, which had previously been free to all comers; and for more than a century afterwards Bantam was one of the most important seats of commerce in the East Indies.

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