What does banshee mean?

banshee meaning in General Dictionary

A supernatural being likely to warn a family regarding the nearing death of certainly one of its users by wailing or singing in a mournful vocals as beneath the house windows of the home

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  • (Irish folklore) a lady nature just who wails to alert of impending death
  • Alt. of Banshie

banshee meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1771, from phonetic spelling of Irish bean sidhe "female of the Elves," from bean "woman" (from PIE *gwen-; see queen) + sidhe, from sith "fairy" or sid "fairy mound." Specifically, one who calls towards the spirits of dead. Sidhe sometimes is mistaken for sithe, genitive of sith "peace."

banshee meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Alt. of Banshie

Sentence Examples with the word banshee

A Welsh death-portent often confused with the gwrach y Rhibyn and banshee is the cyhyraeth, the groaning spirit.

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