What does bankruptcy proceedings mean?

bankruptcy proceedings meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the personal bankruptcy process is: a) processing a petition (voluntary or involuntary) to declare a debtor person or business broke, under part 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13, to permit reorganization or refinancing under an idea to generally meet the debts regarding the party struggling to meet his/her/its obligations. The petition is supposed to incorporate a schedule of debts, assets and earnings potential. b) A hearing labeled as "first conference of lenders" with notice to all or any known creditors. This could be brief and often leads to the judge assigning the problem to a specialist trustee. c) Later the trustee reports and there's a determination of what debts are dischargeable, exactly what assets are exempt, and exactly what payments tend to be possible. d) If there are assets readily available then the lenders are required on paper to lodge a "creditor's claim." age) there might be other hearings, reports, proposals, hearings on claims of deceptive debts, petitions for removing the stick to foreclosures and other issues. f) Debts guaranteed by residential property or by wisdom lien are paid up on number of possessions and resources readily available. g) The final step is a hearing on release associated with broke, which wipes out un-secured debts (or a professional rata share of them). Under part 11 and 13 proceedings, the method may well be more drawn-out and can carry on consistently as programs tend to be suggested, likelihood of refinancing are thought and, in effect, the debtor tries either to legitimately escape from under his/her/its financial woes or delay while current earnings are produced and prayers for economic salvation are created.

bankruptcy proceedings meaning in Law Dictionary

The term includes all procedures in a federal judge having jurisdiction in bankruptcy, founded on a petition in bankruptcy and either straight or collaterally involved in the adjudication and discharge for the bankrupt and collection and management of his property. Kidder v. Horro- container, 72 N. Y. 167.

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The French courts made the consequent bankruptcy proceedings the excuse for a general inquiry into the Society's constitution, and ended by declaring its existence illegal in France, on the ground that its members were pledged to absolute obedience to a foreigner in Rome.

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