What does banishment mean?

banishment meaning in General Dictionary

The act of banishing and/or condition to be banished

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  • the state to be banished or ostracized (omitted from community by general permission)
  • getting rejected by means of a work of banishing or proscribing somebody
  • The work of banishing, and/or condition to be banished.

banishment meaning in Urban Dictionary

a time an individual is kiked regarding any society because of stupidity or simply cause nobody likes them.

banishment meaning in Law Dictionary

In unlawful legislation. A punishment inflicted upon criminals, by persuasive all of them to stop a city, location, or country for a specified duration, and for life. See Cooper v. Telfair, 4 Dall. 14, 1 L. Ed. 721; folks v. Potter, 1 Park. Cr. R. (N. Y.) 54. Its inflicted principally upon political offenders, "transportation" being the term accustomed show an identical punishment of ordinary crooks. Banishment, however, merely forbids the return of the individual banished before the termination of the phrase, while transport involves the concept of starvation of freedom following the convict arrives at the spot that he's already been carried. Rap. & L.

banishment meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1500, from banish + -ment.

banishment meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) The work of banishing, or perhaps the condition of being banished.

Sentence Examples with the word banishment

Tostig's banishment led to the invasion of Harold Hardrada, king of Norway, and the battle of Stamford Bridge, in which both perished.

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