What does bandyret bonch mean?

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A typical rhyme as developed by the best AEB, maestro of parrotrap productions. An average 'bonch is a rhyme of between 2 to virtually any range outlines, generally rhyming on alternative outlines, however always, and periodically freeform non-rhyming verse. The information might about such a thing, but frequently includes obscure historical sources, fragments of personal writings of others creepily taken away from their particular webpages, perverse sexual references, and also the obligatory autistic metaphors, similies, non-sequiturs, and allusions that make a bandyret bonch such an abundant talent. A great example of you're below (this can be in the form of a limerick):-There used to be a boner known as speed,whom straw an unbelievable screed,he dank into the pop music,with a whizz and a lop,and staff all of it tooty and weed;SUPERSEDE!-Another kind of bandyret bonch is the rap rhyme, frequently rather rhythmic and also rather non-sensical on average person. An example can be as follows:-poison, ensure you get your noise on,away with this noisomenuisance. Today, dance, dance,pants yo' ants; zoo-e, crewytoo. Da bald man party asfast as France; did-n'tyou want you could, also?(Toucan Sam, he's yer guy!)-(please observe that this and all sorts of bandyret bonches are copyright 2005-6-whenever Parrotrap Productions, inc. and making use of several without authorization off said organization (or at the very least providing correct credit on author and author) provides them with permission to prosecute into fullest level of this law.)