What does bandwagon effect mean?

bandwagon effect meaning in Law Dictionary

the concept that individuals can do one thing just becasue other people tend to be. The individuals own feelings and thinking are not considered within activity. AKA herd mindset.

bandwagon effect meaning in Business Dictionary

an emotional concept in which individuals will do some thing mostly because other individuals are doing it, regardless of their opinions, which they will ignore or override. This effect has the capacity to create large ramifications, it is oftentimes present in the areas of politics as well as in consumer behavior. By way of example, in politics, individuals may vote for an applicant because they're most popular in addition to voters desire to be thought to be the main bulk. It is also seen during bull markets together with development of asset bubbles. It's also known as herd mindset.

bandwagon effect meaning in General Dictionary

the sensation of a favorite trend attracting increased popularity