What does bandos godsword mean?

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THE BANDOS GODSWORD is a tool this is certainly produced by the best smiths of runescape, it is certainly one of four godswords which exist as the most high priced tools: These include; Armadyl godsword(most expensive), saradomin godsword(second most high-priced), zamorak godsword(3rd most expensive)and Bandos godsword( the lowest priced due it becoming easy and simple godsword to find) its special attack is just about the additionally four, reducing defence of an opponent through the level of harm inflicted. The godsword can simply be produced by players: the hilt and 4 shards of a sword blade are fallen in someplace called " god wars".it is stated that around 100 hilts make there means into ge every single day but there is however control on when it sells and just who it sells to.