What does bandeau mean?

bandeau meaning in General Dictionary

A narrow band or fillet as for the tresses section of a headdress etc

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  • an undergarment donned by females to guide their breasts
  • A narrow band or fillet; an integral part of a head-dress.

bandeau meaning in Urban Dictionary

fundamentally a bra... a band worn around breasts typically under a see through top or with high jeans... unless youre a slut

bandeau meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1706, from French bandeau, from Old French bandel (12c.), diminutive of bande "band" (see band (n.1)).

bandeau meaning in Sports Dictionary

The strip of wall surface situated below the penthouses. (recreation: genuine Tennis)

bandeau - French to English


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  • (eye) plot

bandeau meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A narrow musical organization or fillet; a part of a head-dress.