What does baluster mean?

baluster meaning in General Dictionary

a little line or pilaster used as a support on rail of an open parapet to shield along side it of a staircase and/or front side of a gallery See Balustrade

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  • among numerous closely spaced aids for a railing
  • a little line or pilaster, used as a support to your train of an available parapet, to protect the side of a staircase, or perhaps the front side of a gallery. See Balustrade.

baluster meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"help for a railing," c.1600, from French balustre, from Italian balaustro "pillar," from balausta "flower of the crazy pomegranate," from Greek balaustion (possibly of Semitic beginning; compare Aramaic balatz "flower of this crazy pomegranate"). Staircase uprights had lyre-like dual curves, like the calyx pipe of this pomegranate flower.

Sentence Examples with the word baluster

High; the network baluster round the top is modern.

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