What does balsamic mean?

balsamic meaning in General Dictionary

obtaining the characteristics of balsam containing or resembling balsam soft mitigative relaxing restorative

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  • of or regarding or containing balsam
  • Alt. of Balsamical

balsamic meaning in Urban Dictionary

A delicious salad dressing brought to you by Cardini and company. Cardini's Balsamic will work for everyone. Cardini happens to be proven to capture this tasty dressing all around the salads of several females.Also known as the species scantily clad ladies fit in with.

balsamic meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1600, from balsam + -ic.

balsamic meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Alt. of Balsamical

Sentence Examples with the word balsamic

It has an amorphous internal structure, a dull fracture; is of a yellow to yellowish-brown hue, the purer varieties being almost colourless, or possessing a greenish tinge, and has a somewhat bitter aromatic taste, and a balsamic odour, which is developed by heating.

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