What does balsa mean?

balsa meaning in General Dictionary

A raft or float made use of principally regarding Pacific shore of south usa

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  • strong lightweight timber regarding the balsa tree utilized especially for floats
  • woodland tree of lowland Central America having a very good extremely light wood; used for making floats and rafts and in crafts
  • A raft or float, used principally regarding Pacific coast of South America.

balsa meaning in Fishing Dictionary

particular wood floats was once made of whilst still being have been in some situations, a few lures may also be made of balsa wood. This lumber is very light, however extremely buoyant Bank - the bottom next to a human body of water.

balsa meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Southern United states tree, 1866, evidently from Spanish balsa "float," initially the name of rafts utilized on the Pacific coast of Latin America (1777). The timber is quite light.

balsa - German to English

balsa [Ochroma pyramidale / lagopus]

balsa meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A raft or float, utilized principally in the Pacific coast of south usa.