What does baloney mean?

baloney meaning in General Dictionary

nonsense foolishness bunk additionally utilized as an interjection

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  • pretentious or absurd talk or writing

baloney meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1894, variation of bologna sausage (q.v.). As slang for "nonsense," 1922, United states English (popularized 1930s by N.Y. Gov. Alfred E. Smith; within sense often believed to are the coinages of famous "range" staffer Jack Conway), from early in the day feeling of "idiot" (by 1915), possibly impacted by blarney, but usually regarded as becoming from the sausage, as a sort traditionally created from assorted items. In addition ended up being band slang very early 20c. for a substandard fighter. The aristocratic child's very first brawl for sugar had been had in Sandusky, Odryo, with a boloney entitled Young Du Fresne. He provided the green and stressed child an effective pastin' for six rounds and disgusted Dummy sold me personally their look for for 100 dollars, leavin' the club only eventually to miss seein' the man get stung, get mad, and win by a knockout. [H.C. Witwer, "The Leather Pushers," "Colliers," Oct. 16, 1920]