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"testicles," early 14c., from plural of ball (n.1). See additionally ballocks. Indicating "courage, neurological" is from 1928. Balls toward wall surface, but probably is from World War II Air Forces slang, from baseball that topped the aircraft throttle, pushed into the bulkhead for the seat to realize full speed. Ball-busting "difficult" is first taped 1944; ball-buster, disparaging for "dominant feminine," is from 1974.

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They must all be of the identical size and body weight. The white and place balls are the cue balls. The red basketball can just only be hit by various other balls slamming against it, and it is never handled by the cue. (recreation: Billiards)

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  • you can find 22 balls on the table at the beginning of a frame. All of them are of equal size and fat. English snooker balls are 2.5in in diameter. (recreation: Snooker)
  • The balls must each weigh between 5.5 and 6oz. (sport: Pool)

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Though Tushin's guns had been intended to cannonade the valley, he was firing incendiary balls at the village of Schon Grabern visible just opposite, in front of which large masses of French were advancing.

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