What does ballpark me mean?

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a counter for the company strategy where in fact the cost continues to be hidden before 'hook is placed'. discover a school which feels, "if you should know the purchase price you can't manage it"this attitude strongly PISSES myself OFF!!, I will be for the school which believes this product may possibly not be worth the purchase price to ME!!, despite what some body states, OR their product sales strategy!it is very comforting to understand the price whenever beginning any transaction! I HATE the clumsy individual discussion of using the 'bait' simply to need 'back out', as the item just is not really worth that much to me! -or perhaps I do not have 'money to burn' that particular day!!!-its' very nice to understand if an individual can or cannot 'play for the reason that league' or otherwise not!car dealers particularly, LOVE to do this shit!!