What does ballpark mean?

ballpark meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"baseball arena," 1899, from (base)ball + park (n.). Figurative sense of "acceptable variety of approximation" very first recorded 1954, initially within the jargon of atomic weapons scientists, possibly originally discussing area within which a missile had been expected to return to planet; the research should broad but fairly predictable dimensions. The end result, in accordance with the writer's estimate, is a stockpile equivalent to one billion a great deal of TNT. Presuming this estimation is "in the ball park," clearly there is certainly valid reason for urging candor for our federal government. [Ralph E. Lapp, "Atomic Candor," in "Bulletin of Atomic boffins," October 1954]

ballpark meaning in General Dictionary

near to the scope or number of something

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  • a facility in which ball games are played (especially baseball games)