What does ball mean?

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a social system for the intended purpose of moving often put on an event magnificent or formal

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  • To heat in a furnace and type into balls for moving
  • to assemble balls which cling into legs since damp snowfall or clay to gather into balls because the horse balls the snow balls
  • Any round or roundish human anatomy or mass a sphere or world as a ball of twine a ball of snowfall
  • form into a ball by winding or rolling
  • an object with a spherical shape
  • United States comedienne most widely known due to the fact star of a well known tv program (1911-1989)
  • the people put together at a lavish formal dance
  • a lavish party requiring formal outfit
  • a concise size
  • an even more or less curved anatomical human body or size
  • one of several two male reproductive glands that produce spermatozoa and secrete androgens
  • an excellent projectile that's shot by a musket
  • a spherical item made use of as a plaything
  • circular object that is hit or thrown or kicked in games
  • a ball game used a bat and ball between two teams of nine players; teams simply take turns at bat trying to get runs
  • a pitch which is not in the attack area
  • Any round or roundish body or mass; a sphere or world; as, a basketball of twine; a basketball of snowfall.
  • A spherical human anatomy of every substance or dimensions accustomed fool around with, as by tossing, slamming, kicking, etc.
  • a broad name for games which a ball is tossed, kicked, or knocked. See Baseball, and Football.
  • Any solid spherical, cylindrical, or conical projectile of lead or metal, is discharged from a firearm; as, a cannon ball; a rifle basketball; -- usually used collectively; as, powder and baseball. Spherical balls the smaller firearms are commonly called bullets.
  • A flaming, roundish human body shot in to the environment; a case filled with combustibles meant to burst and present light or set fire, or even to produce smoke or stench; as, a fire ball; a stink baseball.
  • A leather-covered support, fastened to a handle called a ballstock; -- formerly utilized by printers for inking the proper execution, but now superseded by the roller.
  • A roundish protuberant percentage of some the main human body; because, the ball associated with the thumb; the basketball of this foot.
  • a big tablet, a form for which medicine is usually fond of ponies; a bolus.
  • the planet or earth.
  • to collect balls which cling on foot, as of wet snow or clay; to assemble into balls; because, the horse balls; the snow balls.
  • To heat in a furnace and form into balls for rolling.
  • To form or wind into a ball; because, to ball cotton fiber.
  • A social system for the purpose of dance.

ball meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"round item," Old English *beal, from or corresponding to Old Norse bollr "ball," from Proto-Germanic *balluz (cognates: Old High German ballo, German basketball), from PIE root *bhel- (2) "to strike, inflate, swell" (see bole). Meaning "testicle" is from very early 14c. Ball associated with the base is from mid-14c. a basketball as an object in a recreations game is recorded from c.1200; to truly have the basketball "hold the benefit" is from c.1400. Is on the ball is 1912, from recreations. Ball-point pen first recorded 1946. Ball of fire whenever first taped in 1821 regarded "one glass of brandy;" as "spectacularly effective striver" its c.1900.

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  • "dancing party," 1630s, from French, from Old French baller "to dancing," from belated Latin ballare "to dance," from Greek ballizein "to dance, jump about" (see ballistics). Ergo, "very enjoyable time," 1945, American English slang, perhaps to 1930s in black colored slang.
  • 1650s, "make into a ball," from ball (n.1). Feeling of "in order to become like a ball" is 1713; that "to copulate" is very first recorded 1940s in jazz slang, either from noun feeling of "testicle" or "enjoyable time" (from basketball (n.2)). Related: Balled; balling.

ball meaning in Sports Dictionary

Made of plastic or a similar material. It will weigh no less than 14oz but a diameter of 7-8in. Associated moves are punches, jumping, rolls over the human body or on the floor, circles, spirals and figure eights. (sport: Rhythmic Gymnastics)

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  • Oval in shape, its 11-12in long. This has a circumference of 30-31in end-to-end and a circumference in the middle of 23-24in. The basketball is constructed of four panels of leather, and usually weighs between 14-15oz. The baseball are altered if required, even though the same ball that's been in play can be used for objective and penalty kicks. (sport: Rugby Union)
  • the outside is made of leather, which encases an inflated rubberized bladder. The length of the ball actions 11-11.25in. The circumference over the long measurement steps between 27 and 28.5in, and the faster circumference is between 20 and 21in. The baseball weighs 14-15oz. (sport: Canadian baseball)
  • Weighs 5-5.5oz with a circumference of 9-9.25in. The middle of the basketball consists of cork, which can be covered with yarn and covered in cow-or horsehide. The expression "ball" can be always describe a strike the batter cannot move at, and that will be outside of the hit zone. (sport: Baseball)
  • The baseball is generally made of red leather with a stitched seam running down the center. It should consider 5.5-5.75oz and has now a circumference of 8.8-9in. If the ball is lost during a-game, after that a replacement of comparable problem can be used. A fresh ball is definitely used at the start of each innings. (recreation: Cricket)
  • The oval-shaped baseball is made of leather. A standard baseball weighs 16-17oz, and it has a brief circumference of 22in and a long circumference of 29in. (recreation: Australian procedures Football)
  • Normally made of rubberized with a diameter of 1.9in weighing 2.3oz. Two balls should really be provided at the beginning of the game. The plumped for basketball for play should be employed for your whole online game unless you will find compelling situations. (sport: Court Handball)
  • composed of an inflated rubberized kidney, it's manufactured from leather, pebble grained and normal tan in color. (recreation: United states soccer)
  • The difficult basketball has actually a circumference of 8.8-9.2in and weighs 5.5-5.75oz. It is ordinarily white. (sport: Field Hockey)
  • must certanly be round in shape, completely inflated and totally waterproof. Its circumference must certanly be between 27in-28in for males and between 25in-26in for ladies with a weight between 14oz and 16oz. (recreation: liquid Polo)
  • The inflated leather or plasticcoated sphere utilized in all games. In the very beginning of the online game the basketball must consider between 14 and 16oz and may be inflated to a pressure of O.6 - 1.1atm at sea-level. The circumference regarding the basketball must be between 27 and 28in. (recreation: Soccer)
  • manufactured from fabric and usually white. Weighs 21/2-3oz with a circumference of 7-71/2cm. (sport: Rounders)
  • Squash is termed after the basketball regularly play it, that can easily be squashed between finger and flash. It weighs in at 12.7-13oz and it is made of plastic. The amount that the ball will bounce is indicated by a colored place: yellow may be the slowest, followed by white, blue and red the fastest. (recreation: Squash)
  • An official soccer ball is employed, with a circumference of 27-28in and evaluating between 14 and 19oz. (sport: Speedball)
  • The ball consists of celluloid or similar plastic, weighs 0.09oz and it has a diameter of 1.5in. It must be white or yellowish, with a matte area. (sport: Table Tennis)
  • The baseball is black colored and almost 2in round. When dropped from a height of 6ft it will rebound roughly 3.5ft. (sport: Paddleball)
  • The baseball is round, with a circumference of 27-29in and weighs in at 11-15oz. (sport: Gaelic Football)
  • Round, making from fabric plastic or synthetics, it should have a circumference of 30-31in and weigh 21-23oz. (recreation: baseball)
  • The baseball is extremely like a size 5 football baseball. Its fat in the very beginning of the game should be 15-17oz as well as its circumference must certanly be 27-28in. (recreation: Korfball)
  • The basketball is constructed of cork and textile with a leather covering. It weighs in at between 2.5 and 3.5oz, and it has a circumference of 7.5-8in. (recreation: Shinty)
  • manufactured from coloured plastic, it will jump between 6in and 12in when dropped on to the ice from a height of 5ft. It weighs 2oz-2.2oz. (sport: Bandy)
  • Must have a circumference of 27in-28in and scores of 14-17.5oz.. (sport: Canoe Polo)
  • Weighs 14-16oz and has now a circumference of 27-28in. Either made from rubberized or leather. (sport: Netball)
  • Of nonmetallic product with a circumference no greater than 27in and a weight a maximum of 161b. It can have up to five holes for finger grips. (recreation: Bowling)
  • The basketball is oval fit and made of leather-based. It's four panels and weighs 14-16oz. (recreation: Rugby League)
  • The ball features a cork center with a cover of horsehide. It weighs in at 3.5-4.5oz and has now a circumference of 23-25in. (sport: Hurling)
  • Between 2.4-2.5in in diameter, it will consider between 2.5 and 2.75oz. (sport: Real Tennis)
  • it really is hard and white, features an inner core of cork and string and an external epidermis of leather. It weighs in at 1.5oz and has now a circumference of 5.75in. (recreation: Fives)
  • manufactured from rubber with a circumference of 7.75-8 in and weighing 5-5.25oz. (recreation: Lacrosse)
  • Round and made of leather, with a circumference of 25.5-27in and weighing between 9 and 10oz. (recreation: Volleyball)
  • 11-12in in diameter with a weight of 5.9-6.1oz. (sport: Softball)
  • manufactured from timber or molded rubberized. It's a diameter of 5in. (recreation: Skittles)
  • made from hollowed rubber covered in a number of colors (traditionally yellowish or white). (recreation: Tennis)
  • The size of the standard basketball is 1.68in. in diameter, plus it should weigh no more than 1.6oz. (recreation: Golf)

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  • bowl
  • formal dance
  • basketball in play
  • prom [Am.]

ball meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) Any round or roundish human body or size; a sphere or world; as, a ball of twine; a ball of snowfall.

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  • (letter.) A spherical human body of every compound or dimensions always have fun with, as by tossing, knocking, kicking, etc.
  • (letter.) Any solid spherical, cylindrical, or conical projectile of lead or metal, to be discharged from a firearm; as, a cannon baseball; a rifle ball; -- frequently made use of collectively; as, dust and baseball. Spherical balls for smaller guns can be known as bullets.
  • (letter.) A flaming, roundish human body shot in to the air; an instance filled with combustibles intended to burst and present light or set fire, or even create smoke or stench; because, a fire baseball; a stink basketball.
  • (n.) A leather-covered cushion, fastened to a handle called a ballstock; -- formerly employed by printers for inking the shape, the good news is superseded because of the roller.
  • (n.) A roundish protuberant portion of some area of the human body; as, the basketball of the flash; the ball of the foot.
  • (n.) A large supplement, a questionnaire where medicine is usually provided to horses; a bolus.
  • (n.) The world or earth.
  • (v. i.) To gather balls which cling toward feet, by moist snow or clay; to assemble into balls; because, the horse balls; the snowfall balls.
  • (v. t.) To heat up in a furnace and type into balls for moving.
  • (v. t.) To create or wind into a ball; as, to ball cotton fiber.
  • (letter.) A social system for the intended purpose of dancing.

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One giant orange ball of flame in seconds.

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