What does baleful mean?

baleful meaning in General Dictionary

high in dangerous or pernicious impact destructive

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  • deadly or sinister
  • threatening or foreshadowing wicked or tragic advancements
  • Full of lethal or pernicious impact; destructive.
  • filled with grief or sorrow; woeful; sad.

baleful meaning in Etymology Dictionary

Old English bealu-full "dire, sinful, harsh," with -ful + bealu "harm, injury, ruin, bad, mischief, wickedness, a noxious thing," from Proto-Germanic *balwom (cognates: Old Saxon balu, Old Frisian balu "evil," Old High German balo "destruction," Old Norse bol, Gothic balwjan "to torment"), from PIE root *bhelu- "to harm." During Anglo-Saxon times, the noun was in poetic only use (in substances such bealubenn "mortal injury," bealu

baleful meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) saturated in life-threatening or pernicious influence; destructive.

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  • (a.) packed with grief or sorrow; woeful; unfortunate.

Sentence Examples with the word baleful

How far he was personally responsible for the Anglican Settlement, the Poor Laws, and the foreign policy of the reign, how far he was thwarted by the baleful influence of Leicester and the caprices of the queen, remains to a large extent a matter of conjecture.

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