What does baleen mean?

baleen meaning in General Dictionary

dishes or blades of ldquowhalebonerdquo from two to twelve feet lengthy and quite often a base wide that certain whales Balaelignoidea tend to be connected hand and hand over the upper jaw and develop a fringelike sieve where the food is retained in the lips

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  • a horny material from the upper jaws of particular whales; utilized given that ribs of followers or as remains in corsets
  • dishes or blades of "whalebone," from two to twelve feet long, and quite often a foot large, which in particular whales (Balaenoidea) tend to be connected side-by-side over the upper jaw, and form a fringelike sieve by which the food is retained inside lips.

baleen meaning in Etymology Dictionary

early 14c., "whalebone," from Old French balaine (12c.) "whale, whalebone," from Latin ballaena, from Greek phallaina "whale" (apparently regarding phallos "bloated penis," most likely due to a whale's shape), from PIE root *bhel- (2) "to blow, inflate, swell" (see bole). Klein writes the Greek to Latin change ended up being "through medium of Illyrian language, a well known fact which explains the transition of Gk. -ph- into Latin -b- (as opposed to -p-)."

baleen meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) Plates or blades of "whalebone," from two to twelve-feet long, and often a foot wide, which in specific whales (Balaenoidea) tend to be affixed side-by-side over the top jaw, and form a fringelike sieve wherein the meals is retained within the lips.

Sentence Examples with the word baleen

Yet we have seen that by his baleen it is impossible correctly to classify the Greenland whale.

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