What does balancing feedback mean?

balancing feedback meaning in Law Dictionary

whenever an action is returned in a reaction to what caused it. It keeps things stable in a system.The difference between in which a system should be and where it really is is paid down. AKA unfavorable feedback. Relate to reinforcing comments.

balancing feedback meaning in Business Dictionary

Effect of an action returned (fed straight back) to oppose the activity that caused it. Balancing-feedback has a correcting or stabilizing influence on the system, therefore lowers the difference (variance) between in which the system is (the current standing) and where it should be (the mark price, or goal). Including, demand and supply in an economy work on both to reach a stable (balance) condition through the comments of information about price and availability. If offer is known to be greater than demand, cost drops. Low cost forces suppliers to take out associated with market, causing shortage that leads to rise in cost. Large price draws even more products than there clearly was need ... an such like until a rough parity is achieved. Critique can certainly be a balancing feedback if it leads to the desired improvement in the person's behavior. Also referred to as unfavorable feedback. See also strengthening feedback.