What does balance sheet mean?

balance sheet meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. the statement of the possessions in addition to liabilities (amounts owed) of a business at a certain time generally ready each month, quarter of a year, yearly, or upon sale of the business. It really is meant to show the general condition of this company. A balance sheet shouldn't be mistaken for a profit and reduction statement, that will be an indicator for the current activity and wellness for the company.

balance sheet meaning in Finance Dictionary

one of many aspects of an organization's report and records, the balance sheet provides a snapshot of every little thing the company owes and has at the end of the monetary year concerned. On a specific time it lists: concrete assets, intangible possessions, stock, debtors, cash, lender creditors, trade lenders, share money and reserves. The profit and loss account informs you the way the business features performed in the last 12 months, even though the balance sheet is more revealing about its fundamental health, showing whether it will pay its debts and just how good its money management is. A 'strong' balance sheet is the one in which liabilities (including borrowings) are significantly outweighed by assets (including cash). If a company is having troubles, the total amount sheet (with the cashflow declaration) will say to you whether or not it can sit the stress.

balance sheet meaning in Law Dictionary

statement showing the financial position at a certain date.

balance sheet meaning in Business Dictionary

A condensed statement that displays the budget of an entity on a specified day (usually the past day of an accounting period). Among other items of information, a balance sheet states (1) just what assets the entity has, (2) exactly how it covered them, (3) just what it owes (its debts), and (4) what is the amount left after pleasing the debts. Balance sheet information is according to significant accounting equation (possessions = liabilities + proprietors' equity), and it is classified under subheadings such as for instance present assets, fixed assets, present debts, Long-term Liabilities. With earnings declaration and income declaration, it comprises the group of documents indispensable in running a business. An audited stability sheet is normally required by investors, lenders, companies, and taxation authorities; and is usually required by law. Become considered valid, a balance sheet must offer a true and reasonable view of a business's state of affairs, and must follow the arrangements of GAAP in its preparation. Also referred to as statement of condition, statement of monetary condition, or statement of budget.

balance sheet meaning in General Dictionary

a record regarding the finances of an institution on a particular day by listing its assets therefore the statements against those possessions

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Bird Song's balance sheet remained out of balance, still tilted toward the red side.

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