What does balaclava mean?

balaclava meaning in General Dictionary

close fitting and woolen and addresses all head but the face

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  • a cap this is certainly close-fitting and woolen and covers every one of the head nevertheless face

balaclava meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"woolen head covering," specifically donned by troops, obviously known as for town near Sebastopol, Russia, site of a battle Oct. 25, 1854, in Crimean War. However the term (originally Balaclava helmet) cannot appear before 1881 and seems to have enter into extensive use within the Boer War. The British troops experienced the cool inside Crimean War, therefore the usage could be a remembrance of this dispute. Town title (Balaklava) frequently is said to be from Turkish, it is perhaps folk-etymologized from a Greek original Palakion.

balaclava meaning in Fashion Dictionary

A knitted mind covering that displays only the face or the main face. Worn by those who are in the open air in extreme winter months. Originally worn by armed forces workers in cold temperatures, this headwear is termed for the Battle of Balaclava, fought through the Crimean War in middle 1800s.