What does balaam mean?

balaam meaning in General Dictionary

A paragraph describing one thing wonderful regularly submit a newspaper line an allusion to the wonder of Balaams butt speaking

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  • A paragraph describing anything wonderful, familiar with fill out a newsprint column; -- an allusion towards the miracle of Balaam's ass speaking.

balaam meaning in Urban Dictionary

were a small grouping of a lot more than 3 asian males participate in a complex team orgy. The primary tecnique is always to have one man ontop of some kind of farm-yard animal, usually a donkey. while one inserts their penis into his ars. One other guy either stands on side and places their cock in the first mans mouth or bends over and gets rimmed. They all ordinarily do this while yelling balaam again and again in fast succession.

balaam meaning in Names Dictionary

The ancient of those, the destruction of those.
Name Origin: Biblical
Name Gender: Male

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balaam meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) A paragraph describing something wonderful, accustomed complete a newspaper column; -- an allusion toward wonder of Balaam's ass talking.

Sentence Examples with the word balaam

Josephus 7 paraphrases the story more suo, and speaks of Balaam as the best prophet of his time, but with a disposition ill adapted to resist temptation.

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