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could be the capital of azerbajin..the individuals are cool and say w.e they want.people there are crazy they want to drink vodka and obtain lots of meat.there's many gorskys and armanions that reside there also. from japanese folklore: a becoming that devours hopes and dreams, mainly nightmares. Guy from Final Fantasy IX. He could be the first choice of Tantalus, a band of thieves. Encircles saying 'Gwahahaha!' 1. capitol of azerbaijan2. the work of expanding a person's chin 90 levels outward and saying Baku to scare the hell away from individuals who dont know very well what the hell youre performing. The funniest baku's are attained when one runs their particular chin up to now it places a permanent grimace on a single's face, scarred for a lifetime aided by the curse of baku whenever a guy ejaculates in an unusual fashion, making strange noises