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Bakkerism is a philosophy and/or religion in line with the collective thought of the Dutch philosopher Nicolaas Bakker, who journeyed between foriegn lands and tradition for a lot of his life, learing the practices and rituals of several various individuals. Eventually originating while Bakker had been taking a trip into the tiny Asian nation of Palau, Bakkerism has started to spread throughout south usa many Southern South African countries (such as of which is the North Eastern parst associated with previous Dutch colony of South Africa). The goal of Bakkerism is a lot like desire to to Buddhism, in order to become without suffering. Bakkerism additionally advocates the concepts of free idea and achieving one's own real potential. Bakkerism is sometimes viewed as a really unusual religion, because morals aren't constantly placed at greatest priority. Numerous traditional Western moral tips may also be overlooked and frequently seen by many Bakkerist as notably primative or impractical. Self-discipline is taught in Bakkerism through emotional instruction and general wisdom. Bakkerism tends never to consider supernatural existence, because neither denies or approves the possibilities of their existence. Because of this, numerous Bakkerist usually partake various other spiritual or tribalist ideas while nonetheless labeling on their own Bakkerist.