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An under-rated mysterious region outside jacksonville, fl. Its celebrated homegrown, oxys, shine, imported tampa beans, and over-abundancy of free shrooms, are the outcome of numerous generations of the rural utopia's residents' need to be baked, oxidized, belligerant, or trollin out of their country-ass minds. Recent downfalls of the mysterious sanctuary have included, but are not restricted to: fucking individuals from jacksonville migrating here rather than knowing that everyone has a shotgun or five, so that they must simply close the fuck up-and return east(an unusual few tend to be cool); old fuckers from up north that cannot fuckin drive!; CUZ's maybe not attempting to sell to very nearly anybody any longer; rarely having the ability to get a fat dime in bonnet anymore (needing to endeavor to glen, sanderson, if not fucking olustee for an ample fat sack. **if you are cool with at the very least 10 brothas, you might be capable of getting connected in margaretta, but this is certainly rare); the cemetary away from serpent roadway not a great smoke area anymore because of to...; recent sheriffs and some city frontrunners not cigarette smokers; cops (even if you probably know all of them or are kin for them somehow) in fact letting you know quiet straight down at parties!?; less hot ass senior school educators givin it up; and lastly, fuckin gasoline bein therefore damn high which you cant hardly manage to get fucked up AND ride 90, therefore chillin in the household or on a dirt road is exactly what you need to accept. a small spot where everyone knows everybody. & everybody's business. they drink & ride the dirt roads later during the night. & take roads like hell.