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v. To cause your cell phone to inexplicably and continuously malfunction.This event affects just the smartphones of Jeff Bakalar, one of the hosts of this 404, CNET Networks. Jeff has actually an uncanny and unwelcome power to make a high-tech, fully-functioning smartphone into the a call to customer service and also the butt each and every malfunctioning mobile joke on popular podcast, The 404.The around the globe technology neighborhood was baffled with his technological accidents, making united states with only one description for Jeff Bakalar's phone problems: Bakalar possesses awesome mutant capabilities known only as Bakalariosis To own awful fortune with technology, specially when regarding mobile phones or xbox 360 console's. Comes form the host of Cnet's 404, who had nine phones in nine months due to malfunctions and broke 5 360's during the period of his life.To break mobile phones.Should be followed closely by the proverbially N00B. The sudden or progressive breakdown of any computer of any form, dimensions or type due to the touch of a mystical hand