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a strategy utilized by many larger municipalities to get automobile thieves. They simply take a very desirable automobile,such as a Lincoln or Cadillac with 20 in wheels and spinners,fit it with GPS tracking device,hidden on-board cameras,and a remote ignition cut-off.The cops park the car in ghetto with a watermelon,a laptop,a couple of Air Jordans,and a bucket of chicken right in front seat and wait for the "monkey to seize the banana". An automobile, administered by the authorities, that is used to lure a motor vehicle thief into stealing it. (n.) a car which was altered by-law enforcement agencies to detain anyone attempting to take (or jack) it. Often fitted with an engine immobiliser or remote steering unit, concealed digital cameras and door locks which is often closed by remote. A baitcar doesn't violate anti-entrapment law as individual is not enticed into stealing the vehicle.