What does bait and switch mean?

bait and switch meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. a dishonest product sales rehearse for which a business advertises a steal cost for an item to be able to draw customers into the store and tells the prospective customer that advertised item is of poor quality or not any longer offered and attempts to switch the consumer to a more costly item. Electric items such as for example stereos, tvs, or telephones are favorites, but additionally, there are loan interest levels which turn out to be limited to short-term or low maximums, then the switch should a more high priced loan. In most states this training is a crime and may be the foundation for your own lawsuit if problems could be proved. The company utilizing "bait and switch" is an apt target for a course action since there are many customers but each transaction barely warrants the expense of another fit.

bait and switch meaning in Law Dictionary

Offering something that gets consumers and than switching it for a pricey one when they accept purchase.

bait and switch meaning in Business Dictionary

A selfish online strategy regularly allure customers into buying products or services by providing one item but changing to an even more high-end item when the customer agrees in order to make a purchase.

bait and switch meaning in General Dictionary

a deceptive means of selling which involves marketing something at a rather good deal in order to attract consumers that after that persuaded to switch to a more high priced item