What does bailor mean?

bailor meaning in General Dictionary

person who delivers items or money to another in trust

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  • the person who provides individual home (goods or money) in trust toward bailee in a bailment
  • a person who delivers items or cash to some other in trust.

bailor meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. someone who departs items inside custody of some other, typically under a "contract of bailment," where custodian ("bailee") is in charge of the safekeeping and return of this property. Sometimes the bailor isn't the owner but a person who is a servant of owner or a finder (state, of jewellery) whom puts items using the bailee before the owner is found.

bailor meaning in Law Dictionary

The celebration whom bails or provides items to another, In the agreement of bailment. McGee v. French, 49 S. C. 454, 27 S. E. 487.

bailor meaning in Business Dictionary

See bailment.

bailor meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) One who provides goods or cash to a different in trust.