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A hired ruffian sent to extract cash using danger of eliminating your goods cos you didnt pay either your council taxation or your parking fines. They generally take the initial fine and multiply it by 10 to obtain the fugure that they're going to need become compensated ( frequently entirely at 6.30 am if you are however during sex ) or otherwiseMany bailiffs tend to be 20 stone shaven headed thugs who should belong in Wormwood Scrubs and whatever they do may be the real concept of the phrase " Legalised Daylight Robbery "They are part of exactly the same catogory of people as Traffic Wardens and Traffic Cops - completely rigid wankers who're wear this earth to cause distress and annoyed to people who only want to have somewhat satisfaction in life.Bailiffs tend to be undoubtedly hated but nonetheless believe that folks who have absolutely nothing and live on the breadline wish make them a cuppa if they call making use of their van plus their particular hyper inflated charges and sarky attitudes to get rid of all of the poor buggers worthly goods and leave them sitting on the floor in a clear household - all to pay for a parking good, which was issued by their particular fellow mate - the Traffic Warden. dense 'who ate all of the pies pussy' which comes round your house, stares at both you and requires in case the inside. Someone who bails regarding plans, or stands you up.