What does bailee mean?

bailee meaning in General Dictionary

the individual to who products tend to be dedicated in trust and who's got a short-term ownership and a professional property inside for the purposes associated with the trust

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  • the agent to whom residential property involved with a bailment is delivered
  • the individual to whom products tend to be committed in trust, and whom has actually a temporary control and an experienced home in them, for the functions of trust.

bailee meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. a person, also known as a custodian, with whom some article is remaining, often pursuant to a contract (called a "agreement of bailment"), that is accountable for the safe return for the article into owner when the agreement is fulfilled. These could integrate finance companies holding bonds, storage space businesses where furnishings or data tend to be deposited, a parking garage, or a kennel or horse ranch in which an animal is boarded. Leaving goods in a sealed rented field, like a secure deposit field, just isn't a bailment, therefore the holder is not a bailee since he cannot manage or control items.

bailee meaning in Names Dictionary

Courtyard within palace walls. Steward or public-official. Surname or offered name.
Name Origin: English
Name Gender: Female

bailee meaning in Law Dictionary

into the legislation of contracts. One to whom products are bailed; the party to whom private home is delivered under a contract of bailment. Phelps v. many, 72 N. Y. 357: McGee v. French, 49 S. C. 454, 27 S. E. 487; Bergman v. folks, 177 111. 244, 52 N. E. 303; Com. v. Chathams, 50 Pa. 181, 88 Am. Dee. 539. BAILIE. In Scotch legislation. A bailie is (1) a magistrate having substandard unlawful Jurisdiction, like an alderman, (g. v.;) (2) an officer appointed to confer in- BL.LAW DICT.(2D ED.)

bailee meaning in Business Dictionary

somebody who gets property by way of bailment

bailee meaning in Insurance Dictionary

people or business that control of this residential property of others has been entrusted, generally for storage, restoration, or maintenance. With the exception of guidelines given expressly for these types of purposes, many home policies specifically prohibit protection for advantage of a bailee.

bailee meaning in General Dictionary

(n.) The person to who items are committed in trust, and having a temporary possession and an experienced home inside them, when it comes to purposes of this trust.