What does bail bond mean?

bail bond meaning in General Dictionary

a bond or responsibility given by a prisoner and his surety to insure the prisoners appearance in courtroom in the return of writ

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  • (unlawful law) money that really must be forfeited because of the bondsman if an accused person does not can be found in judge for test
  • A bond or responsibility provided by a prisoner along with his surety, to guarantee the prisoner's look in court, during the return of writ.
  • Unique bail in court to abide the wisdom.

bail bond meaning in Legal Dictionary

n. a relationship given by an insurance coverage company through a bail bondsman acting as agent when it comes to business, to secure the production from prison of an accused defendant pending trial. Often there is certainly a charge of ten percent associated with amount of the bond (example. $100 for a $1,000 bond) and frequently the defendant must post some security like another deed of trust or home loan using one's household. Upon acquittal, belief, or any other conclusion regarding the situation, the bail bond is "exonerated" and gone back to the insurance business. If one who has been bailed out disappears and will not can be found in courtroom, the bond funds will be forfeited unless the defendant is located and returned.

bail bond meaning in Law Dictionary

When security is used maintain a defendant off jail prior to the hearing. It really is a precent of total bond. It is taken in the event that person doesn't come in courtroom. A bail bondsman can really help spend this financial obligation.

bail bond meaning in Business Dictionary

Collateral published by a defendant in a criminal trial to be released from jail before the routine judge hearing. The bail relationship is usually a portion of the total relationship and forfeited if the defendant fails to can be found in courtroom on the planned day. If a defendant does not have adequate money to pay the bond, she or he may search for a bail bondsman to help them with payment.

bail bond meaning in General Dictionary

A bond or obligation written by a prisoner and his surety, to insure the prisoner's look in courtroom, in the return associated with the writ.

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  • Special bail in courtroom to abide the wisdom.

Sentence Examples with the word bail bond

Some months later he signed the bail bond of Jefferson Davis, and this provoked a torrent of public indignation.

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