What does bagpipe mean?

bagpipe meaning in General Dictionary

to create to check like a bagpipe

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  • A musical wind-instrument today utilized mainly inside Highlands of Scotland
  • a tubular wind instrument; the ball player blows environment into a case and squeezes it through drone
  • A musical wind instrument, now made use of chiefly in Highlands of Scotland.
  • to help make to check like a bagpipe.

bagpipe meaning in Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from bag (n.) + pipeline (n.1); originally a well liked instrument in The united kingdomt as well as the Celtic places, but by 1912 English military officials' slang for it had been agony bags. Associated: Bagpiper (early 14c.).

bagpipe meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A musical wind instrument, today made use of chiefly inside Highlands of Scotland.

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  • (v. t.) In order to make to look like a bagpipe.

Sentence Examples with the word bagpipe

In Italy among other Advent celebrations is the entry into Rome in the last days of Advent of the Calabrian pifferari or bagpipe players, who play before the shrines of the Holy Mother.

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