What does baggy mean?

baggy meaning in General Dictionary

Resembling a bag loose or puffed away or pendent like a bag flabby as baggy pants baggy cheeks

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  • perhaps not suitable closely; dangling loosely
  • Resembling a bag; loose or puffed on, or pendent, like au000du000a case; flabby; since, baggy pants; baggy cheeks.

baggy meaning in Etymology Dictionary

"puffed out, dangling loosely," 1831, from bag (n.) + -y (2). Bagging in this good sense is from 1590s. Baggie as a tiny safety synthetic case is from 1969. Baggies "baggy shorts" is from 1962, surfer slang. Relevant: Baggily; bagginess.

baggy meaning in General Dictionary

(a.) Resembling a bag; free or puffed down, or pendent, like a bag; flabby; because, baggy pants; baggy cheeks.

Sentence Examples with the word baggy

It was usual, however, to hold the front and back of the ir6rXos together by a girdle q'c'ovr7), passed round the waist below the airO rrv'ypa; the superfluous length of the garment was pulled up through the girdle and allowed to fall over in a baggy fold (KOA7ros) (see Greek Art, fig.

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