What does bagger mean?

bagger meaning in Etymology Dictionary

mid-15c., "retailer in whole grain" (since a surname from mid-13c., probably "maker of bags"), in addition, 1740, "miser;" broker noun from bag (v.). Of people just who bag different things for a living, from 19c.; meaning "machine that sets things in bags" is from 1896.

bagger meaning in General Dictionary

a machine for placing items or substances into bags

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  • a workman utilized to pack things into pots

bagger - German to English


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  • digger
  • dredger
  • earthmover
  • excavating machine
  • excavator
  • mechanical digger
  • forearm pass
  • dredgers

Sentence Examples with the word bagger

Carl Christian Bagger (1807-1846) published volumes in 1834 and 1836 which gave promise of a great future, - a promise broken by his early death.

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