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Bafmodads are an entity of as yet not known shape or type to the majority of people. They are from another dimension, and were brought here by an extreme temporal flux in the world when several was made which was so huge that no one had a name for this. It absolutely was remaining that way, nameless, for decades. The Bafmodads emerged due to the call for the nameless number, as well as had been enraged from the humans just who refused to call it. They lay out on a mission to enslave the people and destroy all pets along with their petbombs. The Humans and Bafmodads fought tough, nevertheless Bafmodads had been pressing the humans back once again to the brink of extinction. Than, from out-of nowhere, one man came up and stood before onslaught associated with the Bafmodads, in which he known as the quantity a name so big so it would take years to pronounce. During this time, the Bafmodads had been so internally puzzled they all had numerous heart attacks and liver failures. So, the person became President of Penarck, and world was conserved from an untimely destruction because of the Bafmodads.