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very respected Australian guy, recognized for his great leadership and hard partying. A large oily german guy, which loves consuming beer and resting in until 1 or 2 within the afternoon. Often is a big moocher and bums cigarettes from each of their buddies and barges in other people areas to smoke cigarettes his ciggs. and leave their lingering presence! A girl resembling a bear, often using the qualities of additional pubic locks. Baer, more commonly referred to as durrie master, is hardly ever seen outside their normal habitat of Hampton. At risk of fits of consuming and late night wandering of road walking, Baer may be an unpredictable character. A lovely fuzzy animal often found ambling or scampering within the woodland. Found primarily in dens and known to contain the 'pinkish hue'. Maybe not the best of organization when hungry. Prone to 'cabin temperature' and may be walked straight away should this be the scenario. Partial to 'lerens' suffix.