What does badly mean?

badly meaning in General Dictionary

In a poor fashion poorly not really unskillfully imperfectly unfortunately grievously to be able to trigger harm disagreeably seriously

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  • in a disobedient or naughty way
  • evilly or wickedly
  • with great power (`bad' is a nonstandard variation for `badly')
  • quite definitely; strongly
  • to a serious or really serious level
  • without skill or perhaps in a displeasing manner
  • in a disadvantageous method; to another person's drawback
  • unfavorably or with disapproval
  • with unusual stress or resentment or regret or mental display
  • (`ill' is actually made use of as a combining form) in an unhealthy or poor or unsatisfactory fashion; maybe not really
  • In a bad fashion; badly; maybe not really; unskillfully; imperfectly; unfortuitously; grievously; so as to cause damage; disagreeably; really.

badly meaning in Urban Dictionary

wishes one thing with all your heart

badly meaning in Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "unluckily;" late 14c., "wickedly, evilly; poorly, inadequately," from bad + -ly (2).

badly meaning in General Dictionary

(adv.) In a bad way; poorly; not well; unskillfully; imperfectly; regrettably; grievously; in order to trigger damage; disagreeably; seriously.

Sentence Examples with the word badly

A detachment of the Confederate cavalry under General John Morgan invaded the state in 1863, but was badly defeated in the battle of Buffington's Island (July 18th).

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