What does badge of fraud mean?

badge of fraud meaning in Law Dictionary

term used relatively to the law of deceptive conveyances designed to hinder and defraud creditors. It's understood to be a fact looking after toss suspicion upon a transaction, and phoning for a description. Bump, Fraud. Conv. 31; Gould v. Sanders, 69 Mich. 5, 37 N. W. 37; Bryant v. Kelton, 1 Tex. 420; Goshorn v. Snodgrass, 17 W. Va. 768; Kirkley v. Lacey, 7 Houst. (Del.) 213, 30 Atl. 994; Phelps v. Samson, 113 Iowa, 145, 84 N. W. 1051.

badge of fraud meaning in Business Dictionary

Conduct that highly indicates an intent to defraud one other celebration to a transaction or to delay or hinder a litigation.