What does bad energy mean?

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ˈbad ˈe-nər-jē 1:A under positive condition or scenario that develops as the level of a specific drug begins to decrease. in other words., Due to the fact amount of a substance decreases, the so-called "bad energy" increases. Various other elements feature; addiction, cleverness, financing. etc 2:Bad energy sources are a person or people (a)whom are not any longer required since capital, transport, supply or other requirements necessary to allocate a substance have already been satisfied. (b)who are expectant of owed monies or properties to be repaid and does not purchase the excuses that you have actually fabricated. (c)who hinders someones capability to bum, mooch or freeload. (d)who deny loans or services had a need to allocate a substance. (e)who calls Child defensive providers when a child will be neglected, dismissed, or incorrectly administered. 3:Any spot or institution avoided making sure that monies or properties owed to this organization or a patron whom frequents that institution can continue being dismissed. 4:Bad energy is whatever hinders or derails the capacity to allocate a substance that may consist of but are no limited by:bills, collectors, bills that can no more be deferred, a child, diapers, wipes, meals, transportation, employment, resources, child safety solutions, signature loans, individual and/or family obligations, car maintenance, pregnancy, altering a diaper, health, lease, fees, supplier don't accept meals stamps, cooking, cleansing, sobbing infant, paranoia, car insurance, or simply just RUNNING OUT of MEDICATION.