What does backyard bandit mean?

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yard bandits tend to be those who take men or women arse virginity's or simply just rape all of them it may take place everywhere whenever although term is most often made use of once you hear screaming from your next-door neighbors backyard to see him getting anally penetrated by some deviously looking men and women, nevertheless dear perhaps not help as they will come once you and police cannot both because they are often included.derives from individual definitions1. backyard; slang when it comes to posterior percentage of the body; substitutes for "bum", "butt", and "ass"2. bandit; a thief, a person who steals, after that rides away, is normally very ruffthey vacation in differing numbers be really cautious if you spot one, even though it these are typically very hard to spot since they take any shape and form.best advise is always to operate and dont conceal with your bum sticking up