What does backstop mean?

backstop meaning in General Dictionary

In baseball a fence prop at the very least 90 legs behind home base to prevent the balls that pass the catcher in addition the catcher himself

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  • act as a backstop
  • (baseball) the person who plays the positioning of catcher
  • (baseball) a fence or display screen (as behind home dish) to avoid the ball from taking a trip from the playing industry
  • a precaution in case of an emergency

backstop meaning in Urban Dictionary

if the subway stop is full of commuters, together with trains attracting tend to be full, you get on a train going in the contrary way to be able to board one end previous. Guaranteeing yourself an area from the train.

backstop meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1819, in cricket, from back (adj.) + stop (n.). In U.S. baseball, from 1889, "fence behind the catcher;" figurative extension to "catcher on a baseball staff" is from 1890. The verb is attested from 1956 inside feeling of "help." Associated: Backstopped; backstopping.