What does backlog mean?

backlog meaning in General Dictionary

A large stick of wood forming the rear of a fire regarding hearth Contrasted to forestick

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  • accumulate and produce a backlog
  • the large wood behind a hearth fire
  • anything held back or saved for future use or an unique function
  • a build up of tasks not done or products not processed which can be however become managed (especially unfilled customer instructions for products)
  • a big stick of timber, forming the back of a fire in the hearth.

backlog meaning in Law Dictionary

the worthiness of purchases that aren't however filled or even the undone tasks on any day. This indicates that there's location for development in teh organization. AKA available order.

backlog meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1680s, "large log put at the back of a fire," from right back (adj.) + sign (n.1). Figurative sense of "anything kept up for later use" is very first attested 1883, but this together with definition "arrears of unfulfilled instructions" (1932) might-be from, or suggested by, log (n.2).

backlog meaning in Business Dictionary

Value of unfulfilled purchases, or the wide range of unprocessed jobs, on a given day. While a backlog suggests the workload which beyond manufacturing capacity of a department or firm, in addition it functions as a pointer toward the company's future product sales revenue and earnings. Also referred to as available purchase.

backlog meaning in General Dictionary

(letter.) A large stick of wood, developing the rear of a fire on hearth.