What does back up mean?

back up meaning in General Dictionary

to serve as a backup3 for another person or persons as the patrolmen backed up the detectives while they moved in to help make the arrest the middle fielder copied the shortstop in the play

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  • to move in a reverse direction utilized of automobiles or creatures
  • offer ethical or emotional support, aid, or courage to
  • make a copy of (a computer file) particularly for storage space an additional spot as a security backup
  • move backwards from a specific position
  • become or result to be obstructed
  • establish as good or real

back up meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1767, "stand behind and help," from straight back (v.) + up. The noun meaning "a standby, a reserve" is recorded from 1952 (usually written as one word, backup); certain mention of the processing is from 1965.

back up meaning in Sports Dictionary

A hang glider's secondary hang cycle. Typically slightly more than the key hang loop. The definition of can also be employed for a reserve parachute. (recreation: Hang gliding)

Sentence Examples with the word back up

I'll ice climb during the day, then drive back up to Grand Junction.

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