What does back pay mean?

back pay meaning in Law Dictionary

the last wages and benefits a member of staff can get retroactively. This can be unlawful in court.

back pay meaning in Business Dictionary

Past wages and advantages (bonus, increment, overtime, etc.) that an employee is entitled either as a result of a retroactive boost or employment techniques (such as for instance dismissal or denial of advertising) declared unlawful by a court or tribunal.

back pay meaning in Insurance Dictionary

problems advertised by a former employee representing earnings and advantages that would-have-been compensated towards the former worker from time the employee was terminated around the time where a claim is satisfied or a view is rendered. For instance, if an employee is wrongfully ended on January 1, 2005, a jury honor on January 1, 2007, would encompass 24 months of "back pay." Almost all of, not all, work techniques liability insurance coverage (EPLI) guidelines consist of "back pay" within their particular meanings of "covered damages."