What does bachelor's degree mean?

bachelor's degree meaning in Law Dictionary

degree a student gets after 8 semesters or 120 credit hours. Its undergraduate work and will take any major. There are bachelors of science, art, and good arts. This is accomplished to increase profession possibilities. AKA baccalaureate.

bachelor's degree meaning in Business Dictionary

Post-secondary degree awarded to someone after completion of undergraduate training course work generally taking eight semesters and 120 credits to perform. Program work with bachelor's levels is done at the undergraduate degree and it is made up of basic studies and major certain classes. Bachelor's levels are awarded in certain concentrations and they are constructed on the Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, or Bachelor of Fine Arts fundamentals. Individuals go after bachelor's levels to help expand their training and a better job. A bachelor's degree can also be known as a baccalaureate.

bachelor's degree meaning in General Dictionary

an academic level conferred on someone who has successfully finished undergraduate researches

Sentence Examples with the word bachelor's degree

Cambridge in early times followed the example of Oxford, and here also the bachelor's degree became more and more important (Bass Mullinger, History of the University of Cambridge from 1535.

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