What does bach mean?

bach meaning in Etymology Dictionary

1845, United states English, cut form of bachelor (letter.). Also in colloquial American English usage as a verb (1870) indicating "to call home as an unmarried guy," especially "doing your very own cooking and cleaning." Relevant: Bached; baching.

bach meaning in General Dictionary

lead a bachelor's existence

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  • the songs of Bach
  • German baroque organist and contrapuntist; composed mostly keyboard music; one of the best creators of western songs (1685-1750)

bach - German to English

beck [N. Engl.]

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  • part [esp. Am.] [regional] [creek]
  • brook
  • burn [Scot.] [N. Engl.] [small stream]
  • ditch
  • kill [ny State regional: creek]
  • rivulet [literary]
  • runnel [brook]
  • run [creek] [Am.]
  • streamlet [dated] [small flow]
  • creek [Am.] [Aus.] [NZ]
  • flow [small lake]
  • river (of white) [typographic flaw]

Sentence Examples with the word bach

Noteworthy are also the Klemda, a small castle dating from 1260; the Lutherhaus, in which the reformer stayed with the Cotta family in 1498; the house in which Sebastian Bach was born, and that (now a museum) in which Fritz Reuter lived (1863-1874).

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