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additionally, "Ohhhhhhbabychild" (one word, despite red squiggly misspelling from numerous word editing programs such as keyword or Gmail who may never totally comprehend language adequate to properly realize these types of words, amazing though they might be, tend to be, in fact, words).It can reference either: (1) a term of endearment meant to sweep one off of your legs, such as for instance when love is in the air, therefore the one who one really loves makes them feel like (A) a kid once more or (B) so wildly awesome the just adjective to describe such a thing inside near vicinity or situation is probably "every good adjective!"or (2) used (in addition generally speaking as a phrase of endearment at the same time) to sarcastically reference the oh-so-white undertones associated with Black Keys that take to oh-so-hard to be black colored. The youngest, sometimes spoiled and often sassiest in some 2 or higher siblings.Note: known to toss temper tantrums if they aren't getting their particular way.