What does baby-boo-man-bitch mean?

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This phrase is descriptive associated with 4 disticnt quantities of courtship used by females to explain the woman participation with a man.1. baby- you're involved in casual relationship considering sex2. boo- she not merely provides intercourse but lets(actually tips you into) you purchase things for her.3. man- you're in a full blow relationship, are also coerced into satisfying the moms and dads of said succubus, and don't have any plans for leaving. She continues to have intercourse to you but its getting harder to have action because she doesnt are interested becoming just about intercourse and would like to make the relationship to a higher amount, and she nevertheless handles to con you into buying shit for her.4. bitch- the last twisted stage, in which the female really has a guy wrapped around the woman devious small little finger and it is actually able to yell at him, take his income, and sleep with him only if she states it is okay, in which he takes it such as the bitch he's because he's got already been so severely brainwashed he in fact thinks he has it very good. This is how all 4 categories are strung together to help make the worst label ever; baby-boo-man-bitch. At this point you appear to have been and utterly had by a female that you informed your friends would not break you but she simply performed. When this label is positioned you might besides dispose of your cell and move into the hills in which no-one understands you. This generally does occur following the marriage or honeymoon.