What does baboon mean?

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one of several Old World Quadrumana of this genera Cynocephalus and Papio your dog encountered ape Baboons have dog like muzzles and large canine teeth cheek pockets a brief end and nude callosities regarding bottom They are mainly African See Mandrill and Chacma and Drill an ape

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  • big terrestrial monkeys having doglike muzzles
  • among the old-world Quadrumana, of the genera Cynocephalus and Papio; the dog-faced ape. Baboons have actually dog-like muzzles and large canine teeth, cheek pouches, a short end, and naked callosities from the bottom. They are mainly African. See Mandrill, and Chacma, and Drill an ape.

baboon meaning in Etymology Dictionary

style of old world ape, c.1400, babewyn, earlier in the day "a grotesque figure used in architecture or design" (very early 14c.), from French babouin "baboon," from Old French baboin "ape," early in the day "simpleton, dimwit, fool" (13c.), also "gaping figure (such as for example a gargoyle)," so maybe from Old French baboue "grimacing;" or its imitative regarding the ape's babbling speech-like cries. Additionally see -oon. German Pavian "baboon" is from Dutch baviaan, from center Dutch baubijn, a borrowing associated with Old French term. Century Dictionary claims Arabic maimun probably is through the European terms.

Sentence Examples with the word baboon

The typical representative of the genus is the yellow baboon (P. cynocephalus, or babuin), distinguished by its small size and grooved muzzle, and ranging from Abyssinia to the Zambezi.

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